I appreciate you vs I love you, Which one is important?

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I appreciate you vs I love you

I appreciate you vs I love you? Which one is more powerful? The short answer is ‘I appreciate you’.

I am one of those individuals who believes that the important people in his life, friends included, need to know how much they are loved. I’m always grateful for their existence in my life since I understand I would not be the exact same individual I am today, if not to them. Whenever I get a chance to let them know how important they are in my life, I don’t hesitate to express, whether it’s on a text message or phone call. However, as much as I like to tell people in my life ‘I love you’, I like to tell them even more “I appreciate you“, using one of the powerful ways to say I appreciate you 

Although, saying “I love you” can, in theory, get the exact same message over, but I do not believe it always does. Telling someone “I love you” means you just love them for who they are, however, there is no guarantee that you are thankful for their existence in your lifetime. 

I strongly believe that over the years, “I love you” has lost its power, as we all know how relationships nowadays are. Couples start saying “I love you” to each other even within a couple of weeks of their relationship. Therefore, if your partner says ‘I appreciate you’, it’s more of a coming from heart thing, and it’s more powerful. So again, the winner in I appreciate you vs I love you is – “I appreciate you”.

I appreciate you vs I love you

We might hear ‘I love you’ a great deal in a relationship and it could be a given, therefore it could get “watered down”. “I know you love me,” is a standard reaction. Since we hear it frequently we almost take it for granted, and it loses its energy.

Recent research in gratitude, AKA appreciation, demonstrate that if we’re in a state of appreciation, our physical, psychological and emotional health radically enhances. So imagine what is in a state of appreciation towards your spouse could do in order to deepen relationship, fan the fires of passion and enhance your friendship, and of course increase both of your wellness and vitality. So, I appreciate you vs I love you, appreciation further increses the bond.

Appreciate also means understanding and comprehending value. When I tell somebody that I love them, I’m imagining they have value to me and it’s exceedingly large. I have told my loved ones “I appreciate you” for almost everything, from a humorous joke they have made to the advice they have given me when I desperately wanted it, and whatever else in between. They have managed to put up together with me for so long, so I need them to understand that I’m aware how much I couldn’t do without them and just how much they enhance my own life.

Although love means to love or adore very much, among other definitions, and I use love in my vocabulary quite frequently, appreciate is now my term of choice if I need someone to understand how much they mean to me personally. While every usage of “I appreciate you” happens in another dialog or within a different context, the total thought is precisely the same. I am thankful for all that you have done and would like you to take note that I understand just how much value you’ve. Sure, I love you, but I appreciate you much more.

Ending this post, I would like to add Three Powerful Ways to Say I Appreciate You

• Just, look them in the eye and say,”I appreciate you”.

• Thank your lover/friend for their specific attributes:”I appreciate that you are so funny/kind/ambitious/adoring.”

• Enjoy the small things: “I appreciate that you always make the coffee. “I appreciate that you simply pick up the children. “I appreciate that you have the dry-cleaning today.

So if you ever want to say ‘I appreciate you’ to someone, you can use one of the three Powerful Ways to Say I Appreciate You above.

Million dollar advice:- The key, of course, is to really mean it!

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