Erica Herman: Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend, New Love Life

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Erica Herman is currently the girlfriend of Tiger Woods. If I told you Tiger Woods’s love life is as simple as making a sandwich, you would probably call me a liar. All these achievements have outgrown him as a person starting from 21 makes all of us wonder how he has just married once?

If you are into the world of gold, then I would say it would be hard if you do not know Tiger Woods. Born in  Cypress, California, he was earlier known as Eldrick Tont Woods. It is no secret as this name contains his father’s initials at the beginning, and mothers’ initials at the end and Tont is a traditional Thai name.

We have seen tiger woods returning to golf in 2018, better than ever. The epic comeback proved by his massive win in the 2019 Masters – his 15th major title. This comeback indeed has outshined all his previous performances, and the credit would most definitely go to his girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Dating the life of Tiger Woods has always been a part of the hot gossip and scandals in the industry.

A brief about Tiger Woods achievements

His achievements are by far have lost counts starting from in 1991. When he was 15, he became the youngest winner of the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship, which isn’t a small deed to achieve. Young Tiger Woods also captured the 1992 and 1993 Junior Amateur titles. Then in 1994, he came from six holes behind to win the first of his three consecutive U.S. Amateur Championships, and the list continues.

But for the matter of fact, he became quite intimidating to his fellow players because of his routinely hit drives of more than 300 yards and his booming game and mental toughness.

Tiger Woods love life

Currently, he is dating Erica Herman. It is still unclear when they first started dating, but they were spotted at the Presidents Cup in 2017 in public.

Who is Erica Herman?

The 36 years old is from Boynton Beach, Florida. She was a cheerleader in high school and further completed her graduation from Palm Beach State College and the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Tiger Woods Girlfriend – Erica Herman

It is said that Erica Herman has been the backbone of Tiger Woods while he carved his way again to the sport.

He had been married to Elin Nordegren in November 2003, who was well established and had a well-known connection in the industry. She was a model and a mother of two. When they were married, he was accused of infidelity and a fallout. 

Even after cutting strings from Elin, his private life has not been personal ever since, which coincided with a significant loss of form and numerous injuries, the seriousness of which threatened to end his career. His dating list couldn’t be counted on my fingers, and he is a trophy winner on that. Though he married once, Tiger Woods girlfriends have changed like seasons.

Being in relation to his wife Elin, he has a mistress whom he disregarded after the accident when he collided with a fire hydrant, a tree, and several hedges near his home. And a ticket of $250.

Tiger Woods left a voicemail message to his mistress, which he further interpreted by giving a press statement that he apologized to his supporters and stated that he would take a break from golf and retire. Later he acknowledged his infidelity as well.

In this due course, he had dated tones of women, starting from Lindsey Vonn to the playboy model.

After Tiger Woods’ Divorce

After divorce with his Elin, Tiger Woods dated U.S. gold medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn. They were the power couples of the sports world when they dated for three years.

Then Tiger had flings and dated women like- Kristin Smith, playboy models, porn stars, and night club hostess.

Jamie Jungers is another woman whom Tiger Woods met in Las Vegas. According to the sources, the lingerie model met in 2005 and had a steamy hot affair for 18 months. Though the news leaked and she started receiving public hate. She couldn’t handle so much drama and was routed to alcohol and pills. She was rescued from Las Vegas sex den, where she was found selling drugs.

Holly Sampson, the well-known adult star in the industry, was reported to have a one night fling with the golfer on his birthday. She was not the only one to have a fling with Tiger Woods, Jaimee Grubbs was a cocktail waitress from California who had a 31-month long affair but as soon as the scandal broke she had to apologize for having an affair with him.

Then following his win in 2015, Woods was seen whispering, “I love you” into Herman’s ear as the pair embraced into each other’s arms. She is an immense support to Tiger Woods.

At this moment, Tiger Woods seems to be committed to Erica Herman. But it is also seen that Erica Woods has not been photographed quite often, which raises the suspicion of the couple having a few bickering. 

Though according to Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Erica Woods, it’s just because she isn’t too comfortable with being photographed. She said that she has been to every tournament he had to show her support. She and Tiger are often spotted supporting the golfer at various games.

Pic Credit- Tiger Woods Official Instagram

Erica Herman was last photographed with Woods when President Donald Trump presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom following his win. She was apparently a no-show at the 2019 PGA Championship in mid-May, where Woods missed the cut by just one stroke.

But to end the rumours, we feel that at this moment, Tiger woods 2020’s girlfriend is Erica Herdman. And we see his focus on his career and the society, finding ways to give back to the community. He had raised for COVID 19 pandemic along with giving his fans some nice golf action.

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