Agents of SHIELD star confirms entry in Stranger Things

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has not ended airing its seventh and last season yet, but celebrity actor Joel Stoffer has revealed that he is going to join an exciting series next.

Stoffer, who plays S.H.I.E.L.D.’s friendly Chronicom by the name of Enoch, will appear in the 4th season of Stranger Things. He did not shed a lot of information about the role he will play in Stranger Things, but it is probably safe to state he will not be yet another Chronicom!

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“The role I have got hasn’t been shot yet on Stranger Things. I really don’t expect it to become anything like a long duration thing, but it will be coming up. They will contact me and I will visit Georgia, to Atlanta, and shoot it once they get up and functioning. ‘Cause they have been clearly shut down for a short time. They have not formed any schedule yet.”

According to Joel Stoffer’s remarks, his Stranger Things character likely will not be the most significant newcomer to appear in the 4th season. That, or the role, might not become anything “long term” because he may get killed off in Season 4. Honestly, plenty of folks do die with this series. Therefore, agents of shield fans should not rely on seeing the Enoch celebrity in a significant continuing role on Stranger Things; however long the hit Netflix series may continue.

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A treat for Agents of shield and Stranger Things fans.

It might be a while before agents of shield. lovers or Stranger Things fans know more about Joel Stoffer‘s brand new role. His role has not been shot yet, but reluctantly, Stoffer did mention finally going to Atlanta. Previous reports suggested that the production will shift to New Mexico for a part of Season 4.

Has something changed about filming, or will Joel Stoffer’s character only be based on someplace that films only in Atlanta? The celebrity elaborated on his casting, and also the timing of it could yield some hints:

“It was a casting done after the quarantine, a couple of months ago to be exact, and I had been sent the pages of my scene, that’s it. And I did not know any of the actors or… I did not recognize any names in my scene.”

Dustin from stranger things, recently gave an interview regarding his journey with missing teeth illness. He was very open about it and wanted to create awareness regarding this illness. The interview was conducted by Dean Cecile A. Feldman of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM).

Additionally, it is worth noting Joel Stoffer disclosed he was not cast until a “few months past,” which is very interesting in light of a reveal from the stranger things authors. In a social networking article on June 18, the authors posted a photograph confirming the scripts for its whole 4th season has been finished.

If Joel Stoffer was cast months past, and Stranger Things Season 4 scripts were just completed in mid-June, does this mean that his new character will appear early this season? We could also dig a bit deeper into conspiracy theories, which I think is entirely appropriate for Stranger Things. 

For the time being, Joel Stoffer can be seen in brand new episodes of Agents of Shield as that dreadful twist was solved, airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. The first three seasons of Stranger Things are available streaming on Netflix now.

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