101 Reasons Why I Love You, All You Will Ever Need

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If the person you love ever asks you this question, “why do you love me,” or says, “tell me the reasons why you love me,” you may be taken aback at first. After all, we all know that love is something that just happens. It is not like you had a checklist that had to be done before choosing to love this person. In short, it’s not one of those things that we can plan for.

And whether you realize it or not, there are reasons as to why you love this individual. But you might find it hard to say the reasons why you do love your soul mate. That is precisely why it is reasonably necessary to have a list of reasons why you would love somebody.

Below is a list of “101 reasons why I love you”. Read the reasons below and determine which ones resonate with you and feel authentic for the individual that you’re with. You might even feel like every single one of these reasons applies to your situation.

101 reasons why I love you

  1. I love the way you smile.
  2. Your eyes look charming when you smile.
  3. I love you as you always manage to laugh at my jokes, even if they are not so funny.
  4. I love you because you’ve always been so supportive of me and my dreams in ways I couldn’t have imagined.
  5. I like that I can just be myself. I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else in front of you to love me.
  6. You make me feel special and extraordinary.
  7. I love your tastes.
  8. We have so many hobbies in common; it’s like you are my carbon copy.
  9. . I love you as to how you look at me, which makes me feel exceptional. I get butterflies in my tummy sometimes from it. 
  10. You look at me as though I’m the sole man in a room filled with individuals.
  11. I love you because the idea of growing older with you fills me with so much enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  12. I love you since you’ve got such a distinctive ability to find the good in everyone and under every circumstance.
  13. I love you as to when I’m with you, it’s like we’re in our very own unique little world collectively where nobody else is.
  14. We’re so close we now have our very own language nobody knows about.
  15. You understand how to make me smile.
  16. I really like your sense of household as well as your devotion to the ones that you love.
  17. I feel safe and powerful with you by my side.
  18. I love you because whenever I’m in your arms, I feel true joy.
  19. You always look at the bright side.
  20. I love it when you dance like nobody’s watching.
  21. You allow me to forget the look in other people’s eyes.
  22. You take care of me when I am sick.
  23. I love that you always have fresh, original thoughts.
  24. I adore the way life becomes a game with you.
  25. I love you because you’re such an awesome dad to your children. They might haven’t had a much better individual to get a dad. One of the most powerful reasons why I love you.
  26. I love you since you love me even with my small defects.
  27. I love you because you’ve treated me like an equal.
  28. You understand my preferences and understand how to please me. One of the many reasons why I love you.
  29. You’re always ready for new challenges and experiences.
  30. I like you for the fact that you know my heart.
  31. You discuss your passions with me.
  32. I adore you because you appreciate my opinion, even when we do not always see eye to eye at some points.
  33. I love you since you always make time for me. No matter how angry or busy life may have, you still have time for our connection. Another one of the most powerful reasons why I love you.
  34. I love you since we could stay up together talking about everything and anything. I never have a boring conversation with you.
  35. You share your power with me when I am weak.
  36. I love that I’m always smiling when I awaken by your side.
  37. You are my best possible audience.
  38. I like your great mood, your confidence, and your optimism.
  39. I know I could trust you whatever the circumstance.
  40. I love you because you’re the perfect partner I’ll ever find.
  41. You are never bored of me, even when I am tired of myself. It’s also one of the main reasons why I love you.
  42. I love how we form a fantastic team.
  43. I love you because you treat my family as though they were your family. And you get along so well with my pals. One of the major reasons why I love you.
  44. I love you because you had always refused to give me up, even when there were times I felt completely ready to give up myself.
  45. I love you because you know me so well, and you also make efforts to make me happy.
  46. You always appreciate my opinion.
  47. I love you because you remember so many little details of our story.
  48. You’re always prepared to defend me and stand by my side.
  49. I love you because when I’m with you, I feel as anything in this world is possible.
  50. I love you because you have such a great way with words, including expressing your love to me.
  51. I love you because you allow me to feel great about myself. You know how to make me feel confident and strong.
  52. There’s so much that I did not understand before I met you.
  53. I love you because when we’re together, silence is not uncomfortable.
  54. I love you because you know me very well, every detail.
  55. I don’t have to try too hard to impress or please you because who I am is enough for you.
  56. I love you because I could be totally weird and goofy together with you in a manner I cannot be with anyone else.
  57. I adore you because I know I could be myself around you without any extra effort.
  58. I love you for your tenderness and kindness.
  59. You always try to make up quickly after a fight.
  60. I love you because ever since you came into my life, I laugh harder, grin, and cry a great deal less. You have been great to me.
  61. I love you because your hugs, kisses, and warm embrace bring me much comfort and happiness.
  62. I love you because you would like to build your future with me.
  63. You wish to know my dreams and help me reach them.
  64. You are a hard worker.
  65. I like you because when I find myself feeling miserable, I’m at least comforted as I know you will do whatever you can to make the pain go away.
  66. I love you because you still blow me away and give me butterflies even after we have been together for so long.
  67. I love you because of those times that you understand just what I am thinking or that I am going to say before I can even get out the words. That is how well you know me.
  68. I love you because you can talk to me for hours and not get bored. I never have to worry that you will get tired of me because we are like the same person.
  69. I love your odor that amuses me.
  70. You are always courting me, even after years of connection.
  71. I love our morning cuddles.
  72. I like you because you are constantly caring for me.
  73. I love you for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I love you, and that’s all. Sometimes, love does not have to get a certain sense.
  74. I love you because you push me to be more positive and to see the good in things.
  75. I adore you because you’ve always stuck with me through the thick and thin—one of the main reasons why I love you.
  76. I adore you because you’re more than sufficient for me. You make my heart feel full.
  77. Your support and encouragement have helped me to prosper and to accomplish my objectives. Without you by my side to cheer me on, my successes wouldn’t hold precisely the same meaning. This is one of the most important reasons why I love you.
  78. I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only man I can see is you.
  79. You are doing everything to be a better man for yourself and for us. 
  80. If my phone rings, I hope it is your name that appears on the screen. Even when you just phoned me minutes before.
  81. You’re a determined person; you work hard for the sake of our family and our future. I grow thanks to you; you make me even better.
  82. How you would proceed across the country to be with me because you believe I’m your whole world.
  83. You’ve got beautiful, strong hands that turn me on and make me feel so safe.
  84. I love you because you motivated me to improve and groom myself.
  85. I admire you because you enjoy yourself.
  86. I love you because I’m a far better person today, and you have been an essential factor in that journey.
  87. I love you because our connection is still the highlight of my life.
  88. I adore you because you had always stood by me when nobody else did.
  89. I like you because of the beautiful way you look at me.
  90. I love you because of just how thankful you are.
  91. Each time you contact me with your hands, my body pierces electrical shock, our connection gets filled with fire. One of the lovely adorable reasons why I love you.
  92. I love how you challenge me and give me appropriate life lessons to be a much better person.
  93. I really like taking a look at your youth photos and listening to tales about your youth, and imagining the way you were right back then.
  94. That I really like the distinctive moments we shared, which will stay my fondest memories of you and me.
  95. I love your kindness and your aspiration to provide homage to all small animals you bring into our house; you got a golden heart.
  96. You understand and know so much about everything and that I like it when you tell me regarding the history and the rest of the things I know little about.
  97. I adore the way we imagine a crazy and wonderful future together. And then make the strategies to make it happen.
  98. The simple fact that you are the first and only man I’ve ever loved and also the very first person who truly loved me.
  99. I really like it when you’d find a wonderful little park and take me there for a walk when it’s a fantastic day with warm sun and a gentle breeze.
  100. When I am quite upset about something, you always listen to my complaints and comfort me.
  101. You always love my light and my shadow. Even though we’re different, you never attempt to alter me.

We hope you now have enough points to tell your partner, when you need to tell him/her reasons why I love you.

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